1985: An installation of dreamy pin-up drawings from 1985

A departure from my mixed media work centered on the Volkswagen Beetle, I  unveil my first installation work with a piece based on my bedroom in 1985.

On May 18th, 1985, after celebrating my 11th birthday, I sat down at my desk that had a map of the world on it and started to draw. I drew the pin-ups that covered my bedroom walls… Duran Duran, Wham! Ricky Schroder, John Stamos,  basically whoever graced the pages of Bop,16, Teen Beat, Super Teen, Tiger Beat
and numerous other teen magazines. I have chosen to display approximately the first 60 drawings executed between May and December of 1985. Without any formal training or instruction the drawings created at this time represent a pure artistic emotional response and execution. Safe from form and convention they transcend principles such as weight, volume, alignment, proportion and embody not only a time in my life but an innocent and uninhibited state of mind. 

These drawings are simple, but they are also truly free. There are two components to the “1985” installation. The first there is The Bedroom: plush carpet flooring, duplicate prints of my drawings covering the walls and the original bedroom furniture accessorized by artifacts from the 1980’s. Music is played directly from the original boom box and mixed tapes I recorded from the radio and TV in 1984 and 1985. The second component is a grid of cassette tape cases displayed on the wall. Each one is individually drawn (tracing of the original drawings) and painted and contains a mixed tape from my collection in 1985.

Much of my artwork continues to be focused on the Volkswagen Beetle, an alter ego of myself.  Always biographical, the narratives that run throughout my work represent years of personal trials, where the drawings from 1985 do not. But the similarity between the two bodies of work lies in the obsessive relationship I have with the subject matter. It is evident that after viewing the new work for this installation; the true resolution of my work lies in not only the finished piece but in the realization of the process by which it has arrived.  A meticulous and unyielding compulsion, evoking comfort and security within me, be it 1985 or 2010.

This exhibition is dedicated in memory of Sylvia Horowitz.

Nurit Basin, April 2010