Behind the wheel  STATEMENT

From 1999-2010 Nurit’s artwork has been devoted to mainly one object: the Classic Volkswagen Beetle. This iconic car which is also known as the “People’s Car” stemmed from her childhood; She owned a pink, plastic, transparent VW Bug that she worshiped. This toy brought her hours of joy and comfort. All this sentiment evolved into more than just a memory from the past, it became a connection to feeling safe and secure. Unlike other work in which “cars” represent mechanization, her Volkswagen Beetle is vulnerable, sensitive and human. Since 2004 the narrative in the artwork matured into Nurit’s personal biographical journey. The mediums used throughout the work included, acrylic, graphite, collage, lego, various gels/coats, and found objects.

Nurit Basin, 2015


My little girl, drive anywhere, do what you want I don't care, tonight, I'm in the hands of fate, I hand myself, over on a plate, now, oh little girl, there are times when I feel, I'd rather not be, the one behind the wheel, come, pull my strings, watch me move, I do anything, please, sweet little girl, I prefer, you behind the wheel, and me the passenger, drive, I'm yours to keep, do what you want, I'm going cheap, tonight, you're behind the wheel, tonight.

MARTIN GORE - Behind The Wheel lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


Instruction and Maintenance Manual, 2007

Instruction and Maintenance Manual, 2007