Programs and workshops

Event Management

I have experience in organizing large art exhibitions that featured over 600+ artists locally and internationally. Working within a positive team environment and embracing all the moving parts involved with organizing an event has contributed immensely to my capabilities in event management.

volunteering in ghana as a fitness coach

With limited facilities and equipment, I introduced a bootcamp style workout that incorporated elements around the soccer field.


Coping Skills with Button making

Enclosed is an article I wrote promoting Recreation Awareness Month about incorporating button making into one of the Coping Skills modules. This article was published on Centre for Addition and Mental Health’s Insite Website. This website is accessible to all CAMH’s staff, which is approximately 3000 employees.

Research Paper

The synopsis of this assignment was to demonstrate a thorough understanding of a community before beginning any type of development. I chose my community for this project, which happens to also be the same community as CAMH is in. This project assisted me with developing community relations during my placement at CAMH.

This Community Profile Research Paper demonstrates my detail to attention and depth of my research for the assignment. This is representative throughout the assignments I have submitted throughout my other classes at Centennial College.

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Reminisce (Pop Culture Intervention)

Reminisce is a pop culture intervention program, which is a program I created and introduced at CAMH. This program turned out to be favourable with clients, because it initiated a genuine response to the content and increased positive social interactions within the group.

Energy Balls Lesson Plan

The synopsis of this assignment is to demonstrate program documentation that can be understood by another recreationist to facilitate the lesson. In the event of the original recreationist being absent to unforeseen circumstances, the lesson plan should be clearly understood by another recreationist taking over to facilitate a program he or she does not usually run.

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Mindfulness Workshop

This is a workshop I created for my fellow classmates in the Recreation and Leisure Services Program at Centennial College. I created this workshop with the help of collected resources I related to, and shared with the class.

Graphic Design Examples